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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you have a number of questions as you try and find the wedding photographer for you.

To make it easier for you, I’ve pulled this list of frequently asked questions just for you.

If don’t find your question below, please get in touch and I’ll get back to you.

What will it be like for us to have you photograph our wedding?

Think that question is better answered by a previous couple of mine so they can tell you their experiences.

“Carla was so helpful to us during the whole planning process as well as on the day. She’s a great listener and flexible with us and our large families capturing all the special and funny moments. Carla really went above and beyond for us. Nothing was too much.” Rose and Wale.


How far in advance of the wedding do we need to book?
It’s always best to secure your wedding date as early as possible to avoid disappointment. I take booking up to 18 months in advance, so if you want me to photograph your wedding don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Can you hold a date for us?
I will give you first refusal on a date and let you know if another couple are interested in the same date but cannot hold a date without both a signed contract and booking fee.
We want to book you! How do we secure our wedding date?

Great news! Once you’ve decided to book with me, and we’ve selected the best package for you, I’ll send you a link to your contract and booking form. I’ll then send you your invoice with instructions on how to pay your non refundable booking fee. To save on trees and postage, your contract can be signed electronically, so no need to print anything out. Payments can be made by bank transfer or card.

Once I’ve received both your signed contract and booking fee, I’m ready and all booked for your wedding day! Cue some Carlton dance moves!

What happens after we book you?

I keep in touch with you from the time you book all the way to and after your wedding. I’m here to help you with any other part of your planning process and love knowing when you’ve found your dress or suit as well as the touches you’ll add to make the day truly yours.

Feel free to also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what some of my other couples have planned and to get a few more tips and ideas along the way.

I wrote a post on what to expect from me as your wedding photographer which will outline further what will happen once I have you booked in.


What’s your style of photography?
I find it hard to put a label on my style. I like to photograph what is happening on your day in the least staged way as possible and be guided by what is happening and what is needed as every wedding is different. That said, I would say I was more a reportage than traditional photographer. However, I do appreciate some clients want formal photos and I also take these.
Can we see a gallery of photos of a wedding from start to finish?

You sure can! Below are links to a couple of weddings I’ve shot from the beginning of the day until the reception:

As they are private galleries, you will need to enter your email address to access them.

We’re not photogenic/we don’t like having our photo taken. Will we be able to get photos like the ones in your gallery?

Snap! Neither do I and yes you can!

What if I told you a large portion of the couples I’ve photographed, at least one of them was camera-shy? I understand how you’re feeling and because of that, I work very hard to make sure you feel as comfortable in front of my camera as possible. I rely very heavily on my love of sarcasm and weird sense of humour to get you laughing naturally, relaxing, talking and doing anything but thinking about my camera. I don’t overly pose as if you feel awkward, it will show, but get you to focus on each other which will always produces the most natural and in my humble opinion, version of you.

If you’d like to practise being in front of a camera, you can always book an engagement shoot which will help banish your fears about being camera side.

If our wedding day is running late, will you stay longer? What additional costs are there if we need you to stay longer?
My package covers the whole day, from morning prep right through to an hour or so past your first dance. This is typically a 10-hour day. If you are having a planned exit, please let me know what time it’s planned for. The only extra cost would be for accommodation if it is too late for me to safely travel home afterwards.
How many photos will we receive?
This can depend on a number of things. I know that sounds like a cop out, but really, what’s going on in your day can affect the final number of photos you receive. The number of events or entertainment, outfit changes etc. However, the bigger the wedding, the more photos you are likely to get. Every wedding is different which will result in a differing number of final photos.
How soon after our wedding can we expect to see our photos?
Within the first 48 hours after your wedding, I will send you a link to a preview gallery so you can get a taste and an instant hit of happy from your day! I’ll then spend 4-6 weeks editing your photos in my signature style and before uploading them to your own private gallery for you to see first. Then you can share the link and password with your friends and family for them to view and purchase prints if they’d like.
Do you take formal photos on the wedding day?
Yes I do. Weddings are a great time to bring families together and who wouldn’t want this captured? I try and keep this section of the day short so you can spend more time mingling with your guests. I would recommend no more than 10 groups which at roughly 2-3 mins per group, shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.
How do you ensure our photos are kept safe?

My camera is dual-slotted which means that it holds two memory cards. Each time I take a photo, it is recorded on both cards. This is additional protection in case one of the cards becomes corrupted. Once a card has been used, it remains securely on me in a protective pocket. I do not leave used memory cards anywhere so they cannot be accidentally picked and moved.

Once at home, I download your photos to my computer and external hard drive, as well as to Dropbox and another cloud service. If one option is no longer available to me for whatever reason, I still have other ways to access and edit your photos. Once edited, I update the files in each location to ensure my edits are the latest versions of all files. Your photos are also stored in your online gallery.

Once your gallery has expired, the photos are archived. At any one time until delivered to you, there are at least four copies of your photos in different locations.

What rights to our photos do we have?
With your online gallery and USB, I also supply a print release that allows you to print your photos at any lab of your choice. There is no limit to the number of photos you can print with your print release. On your USB, I also provide social media sized versions of your photos to make it easier for you to share via Instagram, Facebook etc. It is not possible to use your photos commercially or for profit without additional permission.
Do you work with a second photographer?

All collections include a second photographer as standard. Having a second photographer means more of your day is covered and you can get different perspectives of the same moment. I work with a group of photographers who are amazingly talented and run their own photography businesses. We have similar styles so there is no disconnect in your final set of photos.

If you’re having a small intimate wedding, a second photographer isn’t usually necessary so we can customise your collection accordingly.

Does it matter if you haven’t worked at my venue before?
I don’t usually do site visits because what really affects your photos - the light - changes from day to day and also the time of the year. I have experience shooting at very different wedding venues and very different weddings and can adapt to a location quickly. However, if you think a site visit is necessary for your venue, we can always arrange a visit.
Do you offer engagement shoots/sessions?

Yes I do. An engagement session allows us to get to know each other and is a great way to get used to being in front of the camera if you’re camera shy. I find it also helps you relax and overcome any fears you have of being photographed. I’m not a fan myself, either, so I will do everything possible to make this a pain free process for you both.

Your photos will be delivered in an online downloadable gallery within 2 weeks of your session. Sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes and are shot mainly in London but as I now live in Cambridgeshire, shoots can also take place around Cambridge.

If you’d prefer to be more adventurous, I do also travel for engagement shoots and love to do so. My travel and accommodation will incur an additional fee.

Galleries, albums and other products

Tell us more about how we will receive our photos. You mentioned an online gallery?
Your online gallery is private and only accessible by a link. This is where your final edited photos will be online for you to view before sharing your link with friends and family. It also includes a secure shopping cart that your friends and family can use to order prints, cards, canvases, etc. You can also select your album options and prints here too.
What will our album look like when it’s completed?

I keep album designs, simple and classic so not to date your album. Your photos are printed directly onto the page and each double spread opens out and lays flat. It is possible to upgrade to a matted album if you prefer a more traditional style.

All albums come with 15 double page spreads or 30 pages as standard and are custom made by hand for you from sustainable resources in the UK. It is possible to add additional pages to your album if you want to add more photos to your album.

The business side of wedding photography

Do you have insurance?
I have both personal indemnity and public liability insurance, which protects me if there is an accident involving my equipment, for example.
Do you have backup equipment?
At every wedding, I have two camera bodies, four lenses and three flashes. I also have light stands for the flashes, a tripod and a large collection of memory cards of different sizes. I do this to avoid losing a large section of your wedding day if a memory card should become corrupted. However, as my camera has two card slots, every time a photo is taken it is recorded on both cards, so the chances of this happening are slim, but I like to play it safe with your wedding photographs!
Will you be the one photographing the wedding?

Yes. I do not outsource bookings. Every wedding I shoot will be shot by me.

My packages all include a second photographer, who will shoot alongside me and is also a professional photographer. A second photographer means more moments are captured but also allows me to show you two viewpoints of the same moment.
For example, your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle as well as you walking down the aisle towards them.

Can we see the wedding contract?
Yes, you can. My contract is integrated into my client management system and too long to copy and paste here, so please email me at, if you would like me to send you a copy.
What happens if you’re sick on our wedding day or worse?

I’ve yet to let anything stop me shoot a wedding. I shot two back-to-back weekends of weddings whilst on crutches (though they didn’t come with me to the weddings)! None of my clients was aware of my injury. I was able to carry out my duties as I do with every wedding I shoot, whilst making sure there is no additional stress on you from me. I’m not telling you this to say I’m Wonder Woman, but more to let you know that I take my role as your photographer seriously and, bar hospitalisation or death, I’ll be there. You’ll probably find this to be true of many photographers too.

If something more serious were to happen and I was truly not able to shoot your wedding, my second photographer would replace me and another photographer would fill in for them. I have a circle of photographer friends I can call on if needed, but I am also a member of a couple of emergency photographer Facebook groups if I am unable to be there at short notice.


Do you travel?
Yes, I shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad. My passport is well travelled and likes to be aired constantly! If you’re getting married outside of the UK, please get in touch for a personalised quote.
How far are you willing to travel to photograph a wedding?
There are no limits! I love photographing weddings locally and abroad, so whether you’re getting married at a luxury hotel in London, by the sea in Wales or the absolutely gorgeous Iceland, I will be more than happy to capture all the fun and emotions of your big day.